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Tantra reinvented by today’s Science……

————— Vishvanand


Light & Sound

Light is just white.
When seen through prism one can see 7 colors.
Yes, and there are so many other spectrums,
Which scientists will fathom in due course of time.
All color temperatures has different impact on human mind & body.

So as the Sound.
Unfortunately it has been taken for granted.
Supersonic sound can break the glass.
This happens by the power of vibration.

Mantra has fantastic potentialties.

What Mantrik knows, west will take another 100 years to find out.

Fusion of Vibrations

Medicines are for curing the diseases.
One pill is made of many ingredients.
When you start taking the pill as per doctor’s advice,
With discipline & restrictions the doctor Has put on you,
You achieve results ln form of good health.

Mantra works on same line.
It heals your problems.
Each Mantra is combination of various vibration & each have it’s own effect.
For e.g. OUM = ॐ.
It has three vibrating bodies.
A = अ .
U = उ.
M = म.
These vibrations are fused into one another for desired effect.
Like doctor only Mantrik knows with what restrictions & to whom it should be prescribed.
If the mantra is followed with discipline, it will definitely give the results.
It is immaterial whether you believe its power or not.
Results are certain.
That is the strength of vibrating energy hidden in the fused letters.

Beyond words…

How many people are free on this earth ? Some says that they are free in their imagination but they do not know that they are bound by words.
Can a thought exists without a word ?
Can we cross the boundary of Form ?
Our true liberation is possible when we go beyond words & form.
All the seekers want this position as it means Liberation.
Tantra helps to achieve this & Mantra is a means.