Mantra 2

Mantra can manifest intentions,
summon universal energy for welfare
and elevate individual consciousness to the Higher Consciousness.

Mantras have the power to create health through harmonizing energy levels.
They cultivate the mind
and help us in controlling our body, mind & emotions.
Unfortunately, the science of Mantra is not utilized to its full potential
nor scientific research is being sponsored to revive it.


3 responses to “Mantra 2

  1. I have several mantras I use every day…they have the power to change my day…always in a positive way…thank you

  2. I rejected Mantra earlier, because I always had an image in my head only on word MANTRA, I didn’t like. But I understood lately that we all start our days and live our lives with Mantra… It’s the thing repeating in your head. So why not to have strong positive Mantras 🙂

    • Mantra means power of vibration. There are many Mantra which creates positive life forces. Please get a suitable Mantra from a Mantrik. Your life will become more beautiful.
      The force of the Universe is available to you.

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