Dream or Reality

Sometimes reality takes over dreams.
But only at the end of the perceived  reality u will come to know what was dream & what was reality.



The unmanifested is manifested.
It is the Desire of the Unmanifested.
It is the primordial Desire for Creation.
The Desire becomes the Will.
So when we touch the manifested,
we are in contact with the unmanifested.
Through the same instruments, Desire & Will,
We can travel with manifested to the realms of the Unmanifested.
Kamakshi stands for the Eyes filled with Pure Desire.

Samadhi is

Once reached , everyone wants to stay put in the state of Samadhi.
Samadhi is a state where individual consciousness is in sync with & linked to the universal consciousness.
This state is a total Bliss.
The momentary happiness & transient sensations are no match to it.
Our consciousness in the shape of human life extends this opportunity.
If we don’t strive for this than what’s the use of this magnificent form of consciousness called as Human !