When Shakti is in Contraction mode, She is absolute ‘ I “ & when She is in expansion mode, She becomes all Formulations.

Your Consciousness is your Soul; with the embodiment of, ‘ I “ ness of that Universal Consciousness (अहंविमर्शात्मक).

( Day 8 )

No One Knows

What is the root of that Primordial Vibration?


You can reach upto that throbbing Vibration in the process of Samadhi when you crossover the barrier of Time & Space.

But when you return, you can never express that state in elaborated words.

What most is stated by All those Visitors is ‘ Light & Bliss “.

( Day 2 )

In & Out

Everything exists in that dormant state of ever vibrating primordial Energy.

The entire Universe is alive & moving in that un-manifested vibration.

So the manifestation of that vibration is nothing but a view from a different angle.

Remember You are the part of that throbbing vibration in all forms & movement.

( Day 1 )

Step by Step

1. Learn to sit in proper position for more than 50 minutes, daily.

2. Same place & same time for at least 3 years.

3. Face North East. ईशान.

4. While sitting, chant your mantra with closed eyes.

5. If you can not do this then path of Tantra is not meant for You.

I wish you all Best.

( Night Nine )